Two rooms called 14 million eclipse

Two rooms called 14 million eclipse

The property market continued to pull back, and some owners would rather eclipse in order to leave the market as soon as possible. According to market sources, He Wentian is a high-rise two-bedroom household that is selling for 14 million yuan. If it succeeds in bargaining, the owner will have a profit of about 291,500 yuan or 2.1%, but if he considers legal fees and commissions, etc. The fee will actually be lost.

The city has 5 high-rise C rooms and two rooms, with a saleable area of ​​587 square meters, with a asking price of 14 million yuan and a price of about 23,850 yuan. The owner bought the unit in November 2016 for about 13.7085 million yuan. After the goods have been sold for 2 years, the additional stamp duty (SSD) has not been loosened. The owner asked the buyer to pay 10% SSD, involving a tax of about 1.4 million yuan.

According to the news, there are about 20 listings at the moment, and the asking price is about 13.5 million yuan. Most owners require buyers to pay for SSDs.

Victoria Harbour SSD loose goods 8.72 million change hands

In addition, the Victoria Harbour in Tai Kok Tsui has just recorded a SSD loose cargo transaction. Hong Kong Property Manager Xing Jiahui said that there are 6 middle-family F-rooms in the housing estate, with a saleable area of ​​459 square feet, which was released for 9.5 million yuan for several months. The price was reduced by 780,000 yuan or 8.2%, and it was changed to about 8.72 million yuan. The price was 18,998 yuan.

According to the data, the original owner purchased the unit at about 7.76 million yuan in June 2015, and earned about 960,000 yuan in book value for about 3 years and a half, up 12.4%.