Wong Chuan Chuan Produces 60,000 Challenges All Hong Kong Records

The cost of commercial buildings was successively broken. Among them, No. 9 Queen’s Road Central in Central has always been one of the major cost indicators for commercial buildings in Hong Kong. The top-level units in the market changed hands with more than RMB 510 million and made RMB 60,000. If the transaction is implemented, It will buy and sell the highest price for all commercial buildings in Hong Kong.

According to sources, the top floor of the 34th floor of No. 9 Queen’s Road Central has a total floor area of ​​8,570 square meters. It is a “contracted” household with an area nearly 40% smaller than the standard unit downstairs. Market news indicates that it was sold at about RMB 514.2 million. The price reached 60,000 yuan. The property changed hands in the form of a transfer of the company’s equity, which would save more than 43.7 million yuan in stamp duty.

The company’s name is easy to handpick tax 43.7 million

The original owner purchased the property for $180 million in 1994. It held goods for 24 years and achieved a profit of RMB 334.2 million, an increase of approximately 1.9 times. The unit is currently chartered to CHANEL. The current monthly rent is more than 700,000 yuan and the lease is about 82 yuan. If you change the price in the rumored case, the rental return is only about 1.6%.

The market is rumors that the new buyer is the “Rent Winner" Wynn Group, which has spent more than $3.8 billion to scan over 3 commercial properties in the past year, including $2.8488 billion in February this year to enter the W Square full commercial building in Wan Chai.

According to statistics, the most expensive tiered commercial building in Hong Kong is the top floor of the 79th floor of The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. The gross floor area is over 13,200 sq.ft. and sold in September last year at a price of nearly 55,900 yuan. Price 738 million yuan. If the aforesaid transaction at the top floor of Queen’s Road Central No. 9 is true, it will replace the Central Center as the king of all commercial buildings in Hong Kong.

Nearly 400 million in two floors of East Asia Harbour Center

In addition, market sources pointed out that Jin Ming Lou, No. 49-51 Queen’s Road Central, 53 Queen’s Road Central, and Yongchang Road, No. 1 Liyuan West Street were sold for a total of RMB 1.9 billion.

With a total site area of ​​about 3018 square feet, the batch of properties has been approved by the Buildings Department. A 26-storey office building can be built with a total gross floor area of ​​over 45,000 sq.ft.. The floor price is over 42,000 yuan at the transaction price. .

The commercial building traded heavily and the Bank of East Asia (00023) took the opportunity to sell the leased Bay Center of East Asia Bank of Wanchai for a long time. The two floors of the 18th and 25th floors were recently sold. The building area was all 7940 sq ft, with a change of 198.5 million yuan each. The price was RMB 25,000 and cash was approximately RMB 397 million.

On the other hand, the sophisticated investor “Toy Zheng" Zheng Yihong withdrew nearly RMB 160 million from the 10th floor of the Xinyin Group Center in the same district, with a construction area of ​​approximately 7388 sq ft and an average price of approximately RMB 21,700.