Central Queensway in Central sells 60,000 new commercial buildings in Hong Kong

The property market is booming. The Grade A commercial building price has also been renewed. According to sources, the full-floor office building on the 9th floor of Queen’s Road Central in Zhonghuan was sold for about 510 million yuan, and the price was RMB 60,000, which was a new high for the Hong Kong office and was 25% higher than the transaction price for the same building earlier this year.

According to market sources, the Queen’s Road Central No. 9 recorded a full-floor transaction involving the 34th floor of the property and it was the top floor of the building. Since this floor had a platform, the total floor area of ​​the unit was only about 8,570 square feet, which was higher than the building’s layered floor. 13,742 square feet is fine. According to market sources, this floor has recently been negotiated by a consortium. According to information from the Land Registry and the Companies Registry, the floor is currently owned by the company, and information shows that the company’s directors appeared at the end of last month. As a result of this change, it is believed that this floor is changing hands in the form of company share transfer.

24 years of holding property 1.8 times appreciation of property

According to the news, the transaction price involved 514 million yuan, and the price was 60,000 yuan. It broke the high price record of 55,900 yuan at the top floor of the Central Center at the end of last year and became the new high of the Hong Kong office building price. The original owner purchased it for 180 million yuan in 1994. He held the stock for 24 years and made a profit of about 330 million yuan. The property appreciation was about 1.8 times.

It is understood that the unit currently leases about 75 yuan, and it is estimated that there is room for rent increase, and market sources have pointed out that the new buyers are expected to be the veteran family Yonglun Group. The group has always been happy to absorb the Central District commercial buildings, including the top floors of the Bank of America; At the beginning of this year, the family also shot up the purchase of W Square full-scale commercial building in Wanchai from Wing Tai (00369) for RMB 2.85 billion.

The commercial market is booming this year, and prices have also jumped. Take Huanghuan in Central as an example, it has been a benchmark for Hong Kong and witnessed the ups and downs of multiple property markets. During the financial tsunami in 2009, the price of osmium had fallen below 10,000 yuan, and it has been upward. Earlier this year, the 18th floor of 9 Queensway Avenue, held by the Bank of the Middle East, had a total area of ​​approximately 13,700 square feet. The transfer of Kyrgyzstan to nearly 660 million yuan changed hands at a price of 48,000 yuan, once hitting a record high for property prices. Today, two months apart, the top unit changed hands with 60,000 yuan, and the price of the same building rose 25% in two months.

Same-site construction site 2 merger

The price of the commercial building in the core area is very good, and the commercial site is also valued. According to sources, the entire property at Nos. 49, 51 and 53 and Queen Street West at Queen’s Road Central in Zhonghuan was sold for a total of approximately $1.9 billion. The properties were two old-style commercial buildings, namely Ming Ming 49-51 Queen’s Road Central. Buildings and 53 Queen’s Road Central and 1 Yongkang Street, 1 Liyuan West Street, are about 51 years old and 46 years old. The building is 6 stories high. The two properties have a total site area of ​​approximately 3,018 square feet. Upon approval, they can develop into a 26-storey office building with a total gross floor area of ​​over 45,000 square feet and a floor price of approximately 42,000 yuan per square foot.