Buying a building loses money and loses two turns

The property market in Hong Kong has been on an upward track for most of the time since the 2008 financial tsunami. It has become normal to buy property to make money. However, there are occasions where special circumstances have caused the same unit to lose more than once and lose two times.

Tang Rong received real estate agency transaction information yesterday. Central Plains property authorities said that the overall trading environment was positive and led the luxury property market. The market recently recorded a double-dwelling house on the Kuer Road in Sheung Shui Tianchan Phase I, with a building area of ​​3,567 square meters. In February 2015, the original owner purchased the unit for 32 million yuan, holding the goods for about 3 years.

Tianyi House Two Changes of Hands

Tianrong this property, Tang Rong also mentioned in last month’s column, when the second-hand property prices continue to rise, in addition to the third and fourth-line housing prices surpassed the 97-year high, many in recent years to sell an eclipse and a half The new set started to get rid of eclipse and letting infamous cases, such as how Wen Tian Ban Shanhao and Tai Wai Ming Jia Hui recorded profitable cases. Schedules also cover Tianzhu. However, the transaction case for this estate is still in the 100% eclipse.

The above-mentioned latest deal on the Kurdish Road double house, Tang Rong checked the data, it was originally eroded twice. In October 2010, the unit bought at a first-hand price of RMB 32.99 million, then held it for more than 5 years, and sold it for RMB 32 million in February 2015. In other words, the first owner had recorded a deficit of RMB 990,000 in the resale.

Then the transaction was released yesterday. In 2015, the second-hand owners who received goods for 32 million yuan held for about 3 years. In fact, the release price was already equal to the purchase price of 3 years ago, reflecting their inclination to book and or after counter-offer. Micro-eclipse left the venue, but the final unit sold for 29.8 million yuan, with 2.2 million in book erosion, more than the previous owner’s eclipse.

If you look at the transaction price in each period, the property price will be picked up. However, the price index of the Private Property Survey conducted by the Rating and Valuation Department shows that the largest area E-class unit (1,722 sq.ft. or more) is calculated using the month of the first transaction of Tianzhu, that is, in October 2010, the index is From 225.8 points to the first-hand transfer, that is, in February 2015, the index of similar units rose to 279.3 points, and the increase in property prices was 24%.

High Premium Buying Put Trouble Increase

Up to the latest figures in February 2018, the price index on Unit E rose to 322.6 points, which is a 16% increase from 2015 and an increase of 43% compared with the 2010 index. However, on the other hand, compared with the transaction price in 2010, the Tianzhu unit had a 10% decline.

Tang Rong has repeatedly mentioned that buyers have entered the market. In the past, some of the new real estate prices were significantly higher than the second-hand prices and even the new price in the same district. In other words, the buyers bought at a high premium, and when they were sold, they would become Second-hand discs, comparing prices with second-hand, resale, buyer mortgage conditions with second-hand, so put the price, counter-offer will follow the second-hand. Although property prices continue to rise, can the increase achieve the expected rate, or can the performance of the regions or units held by them be better or worse than the market? In particular, buying at a high premium makes it more difficult to put a profit on the market, because it has already substantially “prepaid” the appreciation of property prices and needs a stronger increase to make a profit.

If you take this case as an example, you must pay attention to high premium purchases and secondhand use to the same situation.