Jiahu 2 rooms 5,330,000 2nd break on the 3rd

Second-hand property prices continued to improve, and Tianshuiwei Kingswood Villa two-room units broke through the top two times within three days. Deputy Manager of Central Plains Real Estate, Masri, said that the Jinghu Lake, Kingswood Villas has 7 floors in the middle of the E-room, with a total area of ​​446 square feet. The two rooms are separated by just a new high of 5.33 million yuan. The practical price is 11,951 yuan. The price rise stratifies the standard household households.

The original owner bought the unit for 3.53 million yuan in December 2014. He held the stock for more than 3 years and the book profited 1.8 million yuan, an appreciation of 51%.

Secondly, Ma On Shan Nga Tsing Nga Court recorded 3 top-notch transactions in two days. The latest 7 middle-floor E rooms have a practical area of ​​526 square feet. The distance between the two rooms was recently changed to 8 million yuan and the price was 15,209 yuan, creating a new high for similar units. . The original owner purchased the unit for 5.1 million yuan in 2014 and took the goods for 2.9 million yuan in 4 years.

Lei King Wan 3 Bedrooms 16.28Million沽

In addition, Tsing Yi Leijing Bay also recorded top-notch transactions in 1 week. The latest 7 high-rise A-rooms were dealt with 856 square feet of practical area. The three-bedroom suites processed the room and enjoyed full sea views, just 16.28 million. Compared with the previous record of a new record high of RMB 900,000 or 6% for the same type of units, the Yuan Zhenchu ​​new heights of the standard flats of the housing estates reached a record high of RMB 19,019. It is reported that the new buyer is a young user of 80s and the parents have purchased 16.28 million yuan in one purchase.

In addition, Century 21 property manager Tseung Kwan O Branch Manager Wei Shiliang disclosed that in the first floor of Tseung Kwan O, there were 5 low-rise F rooms with a saleable area of ​​502 square feet. Looking south-east to the pool garden, the sale price was set at 7 million yuan, and it was changed to 7 million yuan under zero bargaining. The first two-bedroom units in the estate exceeded the 7 million yuan mark.