Fu Laojiao’s descendants sold 35.3 million yuan

Hong Kong’s veteran family members have always invested in buying and selling homes. Among them, Fu Houda, the late descendant of Macau’s first-generation gambling king Fu Laojiao family, took out over 3 years of Da Hang Shanglin with a book value of 2.29 million yuan. According to the Land Registry, there are 4 units of the B-room in the middle of Shanglin 2, with a saleable area of ​​1,170 square meters. In the middle of last month, the parking space was sold for 35.3 million yuan, and the price was 30171 yuan. The original owner was FU HAU TAT ERIC JORGE, and the Chinese and English names were the same as those of the late Fu Laojiao family.

In March 2010, Fu Houda invested 3,251 million yuan to purchase the above-mentioned units. In December of the same year, he purchased a parking space for 500,000 yuan. The company also made a profit of 2.29 million yuan (about 6.9%). The buyer of the unit is LI GUANGJIE, an executive director of Guotai Junan (01788).

In addition, the two-bedroom unit of the lower level C room of Xiaofengge in Mid-Levels, with a practical area of ​​738 square meters, according to the Land Registry, the parking space at the end of last month was 19 million yuan, and the price was 25,745 yuan. The registered buyer was Xia Zhuohua ( HA CHEUK WAH MICHAEL), the Chinese and English names are the same as those of BCT UnionPay Investment Director Xia Zhuohua, and are expected to be the same person. The original owner purchased it for 12 million yuan in 2010, earning 7 million yuan