The HS is worried about financial difficulties. Lin Zheng: The government is committed to it.

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, launched six measures on the housing policy at the end of June, including decoupling the selling price of subsidised homes from the market price. The disguised form has subsidised the sale of flats. The Hong Kong Housing Society (hereinafter referred to as the HS) has stated that the new mechanism or the The association has caused financial pressure. Mrs Lam pointed out that it would be difficult to resolve the matter in person with the Chairman of the Housing Society, and stressed that if the Housing Society had a financial burden due to the relevant measures, the Government would “take the burden".

At the end of last month, Mrs Lam announced that the pricing of subsidised sale of flats would be linked to the affordability of the applicants. This means that HOS flats sold at a 30% discount in the market price in recent years are expected to be sold at about 50% off the market price. Yu Manhai pointed out that as the Housing Society is currently building subsidized housing for sale, it must pay the government a land price equal to half of the market value. If the HS sells the building following the new mechanism, each unit may have to erode 500,000 to 1 million yuan. The financial structure of the Association is under great pressure. It is expected that it will be in line with the Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) and will be exempted from land premiums. It will only have to pay a land leveling fee.

Home ownership pricing must be affordable

Before attending the Executive Council meeting earlier yesterday, Mrs Lam said that the financial problems of the HKHS were due to the Government’s need to collect the land price from the Housing Society at the market price. I believe that the “solution will start to sound" and that the problem seems to be difficult to resolve. She stressed that no matter whether the Housing Authority or the Housing Society, building a home for sale as a subsidized housing to meet the needs of the people of Hong Kong, it must be based on the affordability of the target group. “The other financial burden arising from this." The problem, whether it is the HS or the Housing Authority (the government), we (the government) will bear the burden." Lin Zhengyue said that he is willing to consult with the HS, the relevant departments are meeting with the full moon, she will personally discuss with each other. The Director-General of the Public Housing Association, Mr Kwok Kwok-wai, believes that the Housing Society has introduced subsidised sale of flats in the past and used the same pricing scheme as the Housing Authority. If the Government makes major changes to the pricing machine, “the Government should have the responsibility to assist the HS. Under the loss, we will do the same thing together, and suggest that the government’s land cost requirements for the sale of housing projects by the HS should be in line with the Housing Authority’s projects.

In addition, the Government has announced that it will allocate a site for the purpose of building a private residential estate in Kowloon East to the Housing Society for the construction of public housing estates. It is expected that the site will be used as an affected tenant to re-provision the redevelopment of the Kowloon City Estate. . The Democratic Party Members of the Legislative Council, Mr. Ho Chi-wai, and a number of members went to the Chief Executive’s Office and the Government Headquarters yesterday to ask the Chief Executive to make arrangements for the rehousing of the residents of Kwun Tong Estate and Lok Tsui Estate.