The new battle heats up. The original price of the cloud is increased by 88. The price of Sha Tin is 14%. The unit is sold at 112 units on Saturday.

The new battle was launched at a glance. The original price of Baishijiao Yunhui was increased by 88 gangs, and the discounted price was 5.321 million yuan. Shatian smashed and pushed 62 gangs. The individual price increases were up to 14%. The two sets will be on Saturday (14 On the same day, 168 and 112 teams were sold on the same day.

Xindi (00016) Baishijiao Yunhui Phase 2 yesterday pushed 88 pairs, the price list price was from 6.569 million to 19.27.9 million yuan, and the price list price was from 19,794 to 24,222 yuan; the highest 19% discount of the project remained unchanged. The price ranged from 5.321 million to 15.616 million yuan, and the discounted price ranged from 16,033 to 19,620 yuan.

The deputy managing director of Xindi, Lei Wei, said that the price adjustment only reflects the difference between the unit landscape and the floor, which is the original price plus.

Yunhui sells 168 gangs in the first round

If compared with the same type of units, the project has a B5 room on the 20th floor of the 11th floor, with an area of ​​465 square feet, a discount of 8.019 million yuan, and a price of 17,245 yuan. Compared with the B5 room on the 20th floor of the 10th block, the area is 468 square feet, and the actual price is 799.1. Ten thousand yuan, the price of 17,074 yuan, the difference between the two is about 1%.

The project will upload sales arrangements on the same day and will sell 168 people in the first round this Saturday. The sales will be set in groups A and B, while the large group buyers in Group A will need to purchase two or more designated units; the buyers in Group B will be limited to two groups. The project will intercept the intention registration at 10 am on Saturday. According to market news, the temporary receipt is about 1,200 votes, which is 6 times more than the first round of 168.

The same deployment will be announced later today at the North Point, which is expected to be sold this weekend. The news refers to the temporary receipt of 400 votes, which is 4.6 times.

On the other hand, Sha Tin has also promoted 62 gangs. The discounted price ranged from 4.664 million to 7.091 million yuan, and the price ranged from 15,845 to 26,133 yuan. Compared with the previous price list, the price increase is 2.4% to 14%. For example, the A room on the 9th floor has an area of ​​251 square feet, the discounted price is about 62.26 million yuan, and the price is 24,804 yuan. Compared with the first room, the 10th floor, room A, the discount is about 5.644 million yuan, the price is 21,768 yuan, and the price is about 14 yuan. %.

Baishijiao Jiaxi Sold 11 people on Saturday

It is worth mentioning that the price list launched this time includes the G room on the 5th floor of the earlier floor plan. The developer has revised the unit plan and installed the doorway access platform in the bedroom. The unit price was 7.278 million yuan, and the price was 24,589 yuan. After deducting the highest discount, the discounted price was 6.551 million yuan and the price was 22,130 yuan. The unit was scheduled to be released this Saturday.

The project also uploaded sales arrangements and will push 112 units on Saturday. According to market news, the project temporarily received approximately 1,400 votes, an excess of approximately 11.5 times.

Jiahua International Baishijiao Jiaxi uploaded the latest sales arrangements yesterday, and the project will sell 11 groups on Saturday.