Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre

There are currently 96 recreational and recreational facilities in Hong Kong which are managed by the LCSD. They are interested in exploring the relocation of the Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre and the study on the building of the Tuen Mun Swimming Pool.

Landfill land has been closed, activation and development

In addition to the additional land, the existing and existing land can be used. The existing sports and recreational venues with a total area of ​​over 3 hectares in Hong Kong are 95. They are managed by the LCSD and most of the neighbouring residential and commercial areas. The study is being conducted to release land supply in three directions, including the relocation of individual facilities to other sites where development is required, the development of houses on the roof, and the use of landfills where activation has been closed.

Tuen Mun District currently has a population of about 490,000. There are a number of extensive recreational facilities in the district. It is recommended that the Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre be relocated. It is expected to vacate 12.5 hectares of land. In addition, the Tuen Mun Swimming Pool, which covers an area of ​​about 3.5 hectares, can be redeveloped into a multi-storey integrated venue with a swimming pool.

Tuen Mun Swimming Pool Redevelopment

Residents in the district said that the Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre provides facilities such as a high-ball driving range, a riding school, an archery field and a adventure park. These four types of activities are suitable for use in a wide and open area, and moved to other places. Land reset can also be done. Relative to the current demand for housing, consideration should be given to making appropriate use of the landfills that have been recovered for resettlement.

In addition, District Council member Ou Zhiyuan said that in recent years, a large number of projects have been completed and developed in the district. It is expected that the population of Tuen Mun will further increase, and the demand for transportation and community facilities will increase. Without reducing the daily basic community facilities and having good planning, residents will It is also generally supported to make good use of existing land.