Tuen Mun Town Square, no-family building, 50% off

The uncompleted unit of the lower floor of Room 1 of Tuen Mun Town Plaza will be launched on the auction floor with an area of 342 square feet, with a asking price of 2.55 million yuan and a price of 7,456 yuan.

The valuations of the three major banks ranged from 4.72 million to 4.98 million yuan, which was at least 46% lower than the valuation. Wu Guanliu, an investor specializing in alternative property, said that even if the unit has the opportunity to build a mortgage, the offer is attractive and interested in participating in the bidding. It is reported that the unit market rent is about 12,000 yuan, and the rental return can reach 5.6 percent based on the price.

Looking up the record, the unit purchased it for 860,000 yuan in 1994, and it was ordered by the court to launch the auction.