Pacific Century is rented on the second floor of Kowloon Bay High Silver Center

East Kowloon commercial high-quality supply, as well as lower rent to attract the relocation. There are more than 70,000 sq. Ft. Floor of the high-Silver International Finance Center in Kowloon Bay, with a total rent of about $ 25 for PCCW (00008).

It is reported that the lease floor is mainly used by the Group’s current TV, can improve the quality of office space.

More than 70,000 feet to enhance the quality of office space

Market news that the Kowloon Bay High Silver International Center recorded a large hand rental transactions involving two floors of the property floor, an area of ​​nearly 70,000 square feet, to about 25 yuan per square foot lease. The news that the new tenant for PCCW. It is understood that the rental of two-story floor, for its Now TV TV use, it is learned that the current TV TV and Arts and other departments of the video factory, located in Chai Wan Building, and the news department in Wan Chai, the relocation can be The integration of the two office business, coupled with the high quality of the high silver international financial center, can improve the quality after the relocation.

The High Silver Finance International Center, developed by High Silver Finance (00530), is the Group’s first Hong Kong property development project, with 27 floors and 23 floors for Grade A office space, totaling approximately 800,000 sq. Ft. Property last year, the end of the year, the beginning of this year, the investment rate is still in general, and nearly two months of rent began to accelerate, in addition to PCCW, the global lift, electric escalator manufacturers Otis, rent the floor of the building about 7 10,000 square feet, can save half of the rent. After 4-storey floor rent, plus owners own floor, the current rental rate of about 5 percent.

East nine commercial buildings supply 270 million square feet this year

This year, the peak period for commercial buildings in East Kowloon, the data show that in 2017, East Kowloon will have as many as 2.7 million square feet of new commercial floor supply, in recent years, including Singapore’s Mapletree Bay Point, Tree center, the total floor of about 660,000 square feet, and Jinli Feng (01031) Zhu Tai to the Swire Properties (01972) to purchase the Kowloon Bay Hongzhao commercial project, renamed Kingston Financial Center, together with the manufacturers Liu Han Song family Chang Yue Road Hong Kong Center, more than two buildings at the same time occupation of the same period, so the competition, the rent under pressure, the current number of new commercial buildings, the average salary of about 25 yuan.