Canon rents Hung Hom commercial buildings more than 50,000 feet

Hong Kong’s new commercial store attracts tenants to move, and the news that the camera brand Canon rents two floors of the China Life Center in Hung Hom, covering more than 50,000 square feet and about 40 yuan.

Market news that the Hung Hom China Life Center on the lower two floors, each floor area of ​​about 26,000 square feet, a total of about 5.2 square feet, about 40 yuan per square foot to rent out. It is understood that the new tenant for the Canon, the brand used to rent the same district with the city headquarters for the Hong Kong headquarters office, the relocation can upgrade the series.

China Life Center was formerly known as One Harbor Community, which was developed by Wheelock Development, two years ago, China Life (Overseas) to about 5.85 billion yuan, the purchase of West office buildings and shops for personal use and investment. Office building 15-storey, floor area of ​​about 357,000 square feet, West Block shops two high floor, floor area of ​​about 36,000 square feet.

Chai Wan Gao Wei Court shop price of 93 million

In the middle of the original (trade and commerce) shops, Mr Hau Wai-wen said that the shops were about 14,260 square feet on the second floor of Gaowei Court, 111, Chai Wan Road, about $ 93 million. The property will be sold in the form of existing and even The The project is currently leased by two tenants, for nursing homes and snooker clubs, a total of nearly $ 230,000 per month.