The big bank high return building fell to 2 million according to the loan threshold

The big bank high return building fell to 2 million according to the loan threshold

The property market is picking up. There is a large bank to increase the cash rebate on the fine building. It is reported that the bank can provide a maximum of 2.1% rebate. The loan threshold is reduced from 3 million yuan to 2 million yuan. customer.

Sucking on the new disk source

In Kowloon, there are a number of low-priced new discs for sale. In addition, the second-hand market has rebounded. On the one hand, banks have accelerated the adjustment of property valuations. On the other hand, private buildings have increased their rebates to attract customers. The news indicates that there is a large bank. Providing a maximum of 2.1% cash rebate. The loan threshold has been lowered from the original 3 million yuan to 2 million yuan. It is believed that in order to attract more customers, we can also grant a rebate of 2,000 yuan for new buyers. 50 yuan application for cash prize.

In addition, the Hong Kong Exchange recently hit a weak exchange guarantee of 7.85. The HKMA entered the market to buy Hong Kong dollars. The short-term one-month interest rate rose to 1.48% yesterday. According to the current bank, the mortgage can be reduced to H plus 1.24%. 2.72%, surpassing the general 2.375% capping rate.

Some people in the banking industry believe that in recent years, most of the H-based capped interest rates have been set up. The short-term Hong Kong dollar interest rate has soared, which has little impact on the landlord’s mortgage burden. The LIBOR trend has shown signs of softening. After that, it is expected that the Hong Kong dollar interest rate will have a chance to fall, so the bank has no urgent need to adjust the cap rate.

Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Brokerage, said that the quarterly approach is near, and the HKMA has started to accept the purchase of Hong Kong dollars. It is estimated that the interest rate will continue to rise in the month, but it will also reduce the interest rate incentives and reduce the interest rate. The building will remain unchanged according to the capping rate, and it is expected to continue to actively grab the first half of the year.