In the urban area, a new round of war broke out

In the urban area, a new round of war broke out. The head of Ma Tau Kok was sold yesterday. The first batch of 80 people, the price of the discount was from 1.55 million to 20,400 yuan, and the price was the same as the district price. The unit with a discounted property price of 6 million yuan or less has 63 people. To build a high-value mortgage, 283 sq. ft. 1 room household discounted price of 4.615 million yuan admission.

Following the launch of Hung Hom, the city was launched next to another new project. The new co-developed by New World (00017) and the URA announced the first batch of 80 gang prices yesterday, involving 63 gang 1 households and 17 gangs. 2 households, ranging from 283 to 386 square feet.

The admission unit borrows 80% of the first phase of 920,000

The first unit price list was priced from 5.561 million yuan to 9.478 million yuan, and the price list price was from 18,734 yuan to 24,554 yuan. The project provides three payment methods, including the 180-day payment method, together with the stamp duty concession and other preferential calculations, up to 17% of the property price can be deducted; based on this calculation, the actual price is from 4.615 million to 78.66 million yuan. The price is from 15,549 to 20,380 yuan.

The admission unit is Room B8 on the 19th floor, which is a 283-square-foot 1-bedroom home. The discounted price is 4.615 million yuan, and the price is about 16,310 yuan. It is worth mentioning that, based on the discounted price, all 63 units and 1 bedroom units are all below 6 million yuan, which can be used to build a maximum of 80% mortgage, with an initial unit requirement of 923,000 yuan.

The developer also provides a choice of two alternatives to the buyer. The maximum price can be 25%, and the maximum price is 85%. Second, the first three-year interest rate is P minus 2.75% (P is 5.125%), and P is after the period.

Today’s invoices will be sold as soon as next week.

Comparing the mid-January this year, the same district Xindi (00016) and the URA’s Downtown 38, the first batch of units at that time was priced at 16,035 to 17,784 yuan, which is about 5% higher than this time.

However, compared with the Henderson Land (00012), which was launched this month, the price of the market is about 8% lower than the first batch price of the first floor, while the second-hand recent transaction price in the same district is between 17,000 and 22,000 yuan. Therefore, this time it is still a market price. The project will start collecting tickets today and will start selling as soon as next week.

The project adopts online subscription registration. Prospective purchasers can submit purchase intentions through online purchase. It is expected that the first sales arrangement will be announced shortly.

In addition, the “Unmanned Interactive Experience Museum ARTISANAL HUB", which was initiated by the Group today, will be open to New World CLUB members to provide buyers with a more convenient and quick home experience.