Yau Tong Tong Tai Fat Building Book Selling as soon as next week

Yau Tong Tong Tai Fat Building Book Selling as soon as next week

In the new battle of Kowloon, the oil slabs have been uploaded to the building. It is expected to be sold within the day, involving no less than 65 gangs, and will be sold as soon as next week. Hung Hom will launch 148 gangs next Tuesday (19th). More than 250 votes, overbooked.

Demonstration unit open during the day

The Yutang Estate, a developer of Hong An Real Estate (01243) and a developer of Chinese-funded developer Xu Hui (00884), uploaded a floor book yesterday, offering a total of 326 huts, ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms with a usable area of ​​456 to 1,838 square feet. There are 5 groups on the first floor of the project and there are three elevators. Nearly 98% of the projects have windowsills with an area of ​​about 23 to 38 square feet, which is rare in the new market.

The project is expected to open the price within the same day. The developer will open the demonstration unit in Kowloon Bay to the media yesterday. It is expected to be open to the public during the day.

Kai shore sells 148 people next Tuesday

The new sales arrangement will also be launched on Hung Hom, and the next round will be 148 sets for the second round. The big hand will be given priority and the ticket will be closed next Monday (18th). Market news indicated that the temporary receipt of more than 250 votes has been oversubscribed. The number of units in this batch was 4.295 million to 111.87 million yuan, and the price was 19,861 to 26,323 yuan. The unit type was from open to 2 rooms.

The new trading was resumed. Four groups were sold in Tuen Mun on the two days, including three tendering units. The transaction price ranged from 4.921 million to 8.474 million yuan, and the price was 10,944 to 13,049 yuan. The AVA 228 in Cheung Sha Wan also recorded 4 transactions, with a transaction price of 2.568 million to 3.195 million yuan and a price of 19,907 to 23,843 yuan.