Was chased 72.21 million commissions Sheng Zhiwen denied the accusation

Was chased 72.21 million commissions Sheng Zhiwen denied the accusation

Sheng Zhiwen, former chairman of Ocean Park’s former board of directors and non-executive chairman of Wynn Macau (01128), was accused of not paying commissions on land sales in Macau and was charged with a commission of more than HK$72.21 million in the High Court.

Sheng Zhiwen issued a statement through the public relations company yesterday afternoon to clarify that the case was a totally unfounded prosecution. In view of the seriousness of the allegation and the fact that Sheng Zhiwen doubts the truth behind the allegation, he immediately handed the case to the lawyer team. Properly handled, and he was regretted and shocked by the indictment of things without facts. To protect his reputation in Hong Kong society, he denied the accusation.

Refers to Macau to sell land to pay 20%

Plaintiff Raymond John Gulliver and David Solomon Vereker; defendant Sheng Zhiwen. In the period from August to September 2008, the two parties reached a verbal agreement in Hong Kong that Sheng Zhiwen would sell some land in Macau and pay the plaintiff 20% commission or fee. The plaintiff recently filed a claim against the defendant for $9.2 million (approximately HK$72.21 million) and requested the defendant to account for the commission or fee for the sale of land in Macao, or the amount it received.

The receipt of the defendant’s address is 19th Floor, Zhongnanfeng Building, Connaught Road, Central. The information shows that the address is the office of the United Hong Kong Fund, and Sheng Zhiwen is the director of the United Hong Kong Fund.