Hengdi’s 3 sets of this week pushed the family to exceed 5 times

Hengdi’s 3 sets of this week pushed the family to exceed 5 times

Henderson Land (00012) will be promoted this week. Cheung Sha Wan’s family will sell 100 people in the first round tomorrow. The over-subscription will be nearly 5 times. The North Point Victoria Peak and the Sai Ying Pai Yi Lane will be on Wednesday. (10th) Push 12 and 6 groups respectively.

Cheung Sha Wan’s family will sell the first batch of 100 gangs on Tuesday (9th) night. The registration will be closed at 8 pm tonight. According to market news, the project temporarily received 591 votes, which is nearly 5 times oversubscribed by the sales unit.

Mr. Lam Tak-man, the general manager of the Henderson Property Agency (1), said that he was satisfied with the number of the project’s invoices. About half of the buyers were from Kowloon, while the New Territories and Hong Kong Island accounted for about 30% and 20% respectively. Lin said that he is full of confidence in tomorrow’s sales. It is expected to be pushed before the Easter holiday and has the opportunity to make a second round sale before the holidays.

The North Point Weifeng?  has sold 58 gangs, accounting for more than 80% of the units available for sale. Developers have uploaded the latest sales arrangements a few days ago and will sell 12 people on a first-come, first-served basis on Wednesday. This time, the 12-members were all from the first price list of the 3rd price list that was added earlier. The discounted price was from 6.689 million to 7.998 million yuan, and the price was from 25,242 to 29,953 yuan.

Xiying Panyi Lifang? No. 1 also pushed 22 people, selling price of 8.337 million to 14.53 million yuan, and the price was 29,311 to 34,449 yuan. The project discount is unchanged. After deducting the highest 3% discount, the price is 8.087 million to 14.06 million. Yuan, the price of 28,432 to 33,415 yuan. The project also allocated 6 groups to sell on Wednesdays on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the past weekend, the majority of transactions were still carried out, with about 140 transactions, which was similar to the previous week’s 130, a slight increase of about 8%.

In the past three days, Xingtang Kaiyuan (00083) recorded a total of 11 transactions, including 3 rooms on the 39th floor, Room J, and 2 rooms with a usable area of ​​500 square feet. The transaction price was 13.342.83 million, and the price was 26,857 yuan. The standard household price in the district is at a new high. The project has sold 1,604 people so far, and the cash is nearly 20 billion.

Kaihui 2 room price 26857 Kwun Tong new high

Vanke Tuen Mun has recorded a total of 17 transactions in the past three days. The number of sales of the project in the past month has reached a new high, and the cash is nearly 100 million yuan. The project has sold 720 people so far. The last group of the project in Causeway Bay was sold out. The room on the 31st floor was 333 square feet. The transaction price was 11.21 million yuan and the price was 33,685 yuan.

Nanfeng’s Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 sold 16 people in a single day, and sold 43 people in the past 3 days, cashing 440 million yuan. The project has sold 2,144 people so far, accounting for about 90% of the total number of project units.