Completed next year, Tai Po, Sai Kung, Tai Po

Completed next year, Tai Po, Sai Kung, Tai Po

The supply of private buildings to be occupied this year and next year is still abundant, and the “source of supply" is concentrated in Tai Po, Sai Kung (including Tseung Kwan O) and Tuen Mun Area 3, accounting for nearly half of the total completion. The rent of private flats in the same district is bound to be under pressure.

The success of the Government and the West Rail Tsuen Wan West project have been completed. Last year, the completion of private buildings was concentrated in Kowloon City (mainly Kai Tak), Tsuen Wan District and Sai Kung District (mainly Tseung Kwan O), involving as many as 14,000 people. The overall completion of the same period was two-thirds.

The situation of the supply of goods to the border and the concentration of the districts will continue. The largest number of the 4,400,000 people in the year will also account for 67% of the total completion, with the largest number of districts in Sai Kung, Tai Po and Tuen Mun. Each district offers between 2,836 and 4,032 people, involving a total of 10,000 people, accounting for half of the overall supply.

It is worth noting that the districts of Sai Kung, Tai Po and Tuen Mun, which have the largest supply this year and the top of the list, will still take the top three positions next year, bringing together a total of 9,770 people, accounting for 46% of the total completion in 2020.

In terms of integration, in Tai Po, Tuen Mun and Sai Kung District 3, in just two years, as many as 20,000 people have been completed. The number is quite amazing. The market has to digest a large number of occupations at a time, which will inevitably lead to rent pressure. .

Tai Po Private Building Supply

Take Tai Po District as an example. Most of the supply is from Baishijiao. There are 6 new plates in the district, which will provide 5,892 people. Apart from the large supply, the new units are quite close, such as Jiaxi and Yunhui. Hairiwan II also provides open-end households. Under the large-scale rental competition after the occupation, rents are hard to be protected.

As for another Tuen Mun area with more supply, there are many supply areas in the area where there is no railway connection, including the Evergrande (03333) Guan Cui Road Project (1,982). As the traffic connection in the housing estate is relatively weak, it will be more difficult to digest a large number of people to rent.