Tuen Mun second-hand price reduction

Tuen Mun second-hand price reduction

The society is full of dissatisfaction and adds to the gloom of the Hong Kong property market. The agent said that some of the second-hand owners were cautious about the outlook of the market. The Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai areas recorded at least 20 cases of owners’ reduction in price, which was about 2% to 3%. The industry is concerned that if the situation deteriorates further, Factors such as trade disputes between China and the United States may fall by 3% to 5% in the second half of the year.

Daxing Garden is half-selling

Mr. Lin Yingjie, Manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, said that some Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai owners were worried that the social unrest would affect the prospects of the property market. At least 20 owners had taken the initiative to lower the asking price yesterday. The range was about 2% to 3%. It is a large-scale unit of the first phase of Daxing Garden in Tuen Mun. The practical area is 428 square meters and two rooms, which is reduced from 6.1 million to 5.8 million yuan, a decrease of about 5%.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, pointed out that the violent clashes in the afternoon of Admiralty have more or less affected the property market atmosphere. Some buyers will adopt a wait-and-see attitude, which may delay the second-hand market trading in the short term. Employees are more eager to expand their bargaining. They have to be hard-pressed before, and the family has a real customer who is willing to negotiate a price of 5% or more. It is rare in the near future and is mainly concentrated in the car housing estate. Bu Shaoming said that if the situation deteriorates, property prices in the second half of the year may fall by 3% to 5%. Among them, the owner of the boarding house is expected to have a larger decline due to lower holding capacity.

In addition, two new discs temporarily canceled the press conference yesterday. GDF MONTARA, Tseung Kwan O Real Estate, Tseung Kwan O, was scheduled to hold a press conference at 4 pm yesterday, but it was announced at 9 am in the morning to announce the rescheduling. Details will be announced later. It was planned to open the demonstration unit to the media at 3 pm yesterday. (00016) The Tuen Mun Yu Mid Shan Phase II, the developer said at 11 am that a number of roads were closed and public transport was affected.