Regal. Peak top floor price

Regal. Peak top floor price

The Shatin Jiuwei Building Project developed by Palibao (00617) and Regal Hotels (00078) is rich. At the beginning of the month, Shanfeng sold the top-level Tianchi House for 112 million yuan, setting a new record for the New Territories this year. The developer added a top-level multi-family demonstration unit yesterday and is expected to challenge the new high again.

Located at 23 Liping Road, Regal. The mountain peak is already in the existing building, providing 160 people, including 24 bungalows, with a usable area of ​​1575 to 4960 square meters. The developer yesterday opened a standard demonstration unit at the top floor of the Spa Duplex Room A, which is located in the 2nd floor. The utility area is 3046 square meters. It is a duplex design with a 534 square platform and a 1289 square roof. The platform has a Jacuzzi. Regal Property Agency Director Wei Zhensheng said that the Regal. The peak transaction price of Shanfeng is about 42,000 yuan, and the Spa Duplex is the largest among the top-level features. The price and the price are expected to challenge the new high.

Shangyuan Longyu’s push on Sunday

The new market recorded a large turnover yesterday. Huaying’s Taitan Hongshan Peninsula sold the Palm Road No. 147 house for 92.119 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​2,788 square meters and a price of 33,000 yuan. Lixin (00488) and the development of the Imperial Group The Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao also took out the 26th house with a price of 5,650 million yuan. The saleable area was 2,244 square feet. The price was about 25,200 yuan. The fifth house transaction in this month was over 270 million yuan.

Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong), a brand of Tuen Mun, has issued a new price list yesterday. It has uploaded sales arrangements yesterday. The new price list, together with the old units, was sold on Sunday (16th) for 162 gangs. The group sold for the same day and sold a total of 251 people.

In addition, the company’s Kowloon East Kai Tak Long Yu, re-issued the price list yesterday, raised the price of 9 pairs of goods at the end of the sale, ranging from 4.4% to 12.8%, on the 16th of this month for sale; Henderson ( 00012) Quarry Bay and the West Ring Hanlin Peak also issued a new sales arrangement to sell on Sunday. Sovereign Peak sold 33 gangs and Hanlin Peak sold 13 gangs.