13 million pairs of broken tops on the south bank of the seashore

13 million pairs of broken tops on the south bank of the seashore

The outlook for the property market is uncertain. Recently, some of the owners have smashed the goods at high prices. A 3-bedroom household on the south bank of Hung Hom Waterfront was sold for 13 million yuan with a price of 22034 yuan, setting a new high for the property price and the price of the estate.

Yuan Xianan, manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate Branch, said that there are 7 high-rise C rooms on the south bank of the waterfront. The utility area is 590 square meters, and the three-bedroom interval is a phoenix floor unit. It sits southeast and enjoys the fireworks and seascapes of the Victoria Harbour. The tenant took over $13 million and the price was 22034 yuan. Both the cost and the price of the tenement hit a new high in the housing estate. The new buyer loves to decorate the site and enjoy the high-quality landscape, and decides to sublease the market to buy. The original owner bought the upper site for 9.85 million yuan in 2015, and the highest profit of the goods was 3.15 million yuan, an appreciation of about 32%.

The recent rise in property prices on the South Bank of the waterfront is considerable. For example, the three-bedroom households of the same size in the middle floor of Room C were sold at $12.28 million at the beginning of this month. The property price once set a historical record for the estate, meaning that the property price of the estate was less than half. It broke twice in the month.

Western Mid-Levels Federal Garden creates a new high of 26,700

The Western Mid-Levels Federal Garden also recorded high-priced transactions. According to market news, the Federal Garden has three high-rise rooms in the Venetian Pavilion. The utility area is 1166 square meters, and the three-bedroom interval is changed to 31.2 million yuan. The price is 26758 yuan. It is a new high in the estate. The original owner invested 19.3 million yuan in the market in 2012, and the book appreciation was 11.9 million yuan (about 61.7%).

The Kowloon New Territories Park was re-launched about 10 months apart. According to market news, the Xinde Park single-family house, with a saleable area of ​​2,375 square feet, was received yesterday at 62.80 million yuan, with a price of 26,442 yuan. According to the information, the original owner spent $176.5 million in November last year to purchase a single house at No. 1 Oxford Road, Kowloon Tong, the same area, with a saleable area of ​​5063 square meters and a price of 34,861 yuan. Instead, the new Deok Park unit was launched. The market price was 42.8 million yuan, and the book value was 20 million yuan (about 46.7%).

According to the Land Registry, the high-rise unit of Yik Yuen Road, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, has a saleable area of ​​3,189 sq ft. It was sold for $1,564.6 million last month. The price was 39,341 yuan. The registered buyer, WANG HOI SZE ADA, The Java family member of the Java Holdings (00251) is required to pay a price of 5,332,500 yuan, which is equivalent to a property price of 4.25%, which means that it is the first form of the market. In 2013, the original owner invested 80 million yuan to purchase units, earning a profit of 45.46 million yuan (about 56.8%).