Central commercial buildings in China without a hand

Grade A commercial land rent income is considerable, the local consortium as a long-term investment, have shot for the competition. (012), New Land (016), New World (017), New Territories (017), New Territories (017), New Territories (017), New Territories (017), New Territories (017), New Territories (017) (820), Eagle Jun (041), letter and (083), Wing Tai (369), Kerry Building (683) and Cheung Kong (1113), rarely seen in China.

He Feijin, Senior Manager of Wheelock Real Estate, said that it was a sole proprietorship and bid to consider various factors, also known as Central China, and that the high price was a market reaction and optimistic about the economic and commercial development of Hong Kong.

The URA has invited 27 developers to enter the tenders and will eventually attract nine consortium representatives to submit tenders. The entire redevelopment project is divided into A, B and C Phase III development (Figure), but the sub-tender site C is the only non-residential floor period of the project with a gross floor area of ​​about 433,500 square feet. It can be used as an office building, hotel and Retail mixed development and offer no less than 14,000 feet of public open space. The market is expected to estimate the minimum valuation of about 8.2 billion, the lowest land price of 19,000 yuan per square foot.