Free shopping hotspot New Territories North rent increase

In favor of low tariff policy, Hong Kong cosmetics and skin care products are cheap, thus attracting a large number of visitors to Hong Kong to buy such goods, and become popular in recent years, business transformation channels.

In recent months, a number of related business tenancy cases were recorded on the market and concentrated in the New Territories North District, where new visitors to the Mainland were free.

Sheung Shui shop with loft 200,000 rent

Sheung Shui Xin Kang Street 47A to 63D underground shop No. 05, floor area of ​​about 900 square feet, the other with the area attic, recently to 200,000 yuan by the drug store rental, the average salary of about 111 yuan.

Data show that the shop was originally from the ginseng seafood shop to 145,000 yuan leasing, the new rent rose by 38% over the previous.

As for the Shop No. 4, G / F, Block 39, Yuen Long Section, Yuen Long, an area of ​​about 800 square feet, the Korean cosmetics retail store leases $ 110,000 for $ 88,000. The shop the original tenant for the financial company, monthly income of 80,000 yuan, the rent rose 10%.

Huang Yaoguang, director of the Hong Kong business, said that the Korean-style skin care products boom in recent years swept the market and become a free travel hot goods, thus attracting many businesses and young people to sell such goods, so that the relevant drug store market, Water and Yuen Long area have become popular places for popular shops in recent years because of their popularity in recent years.