The demand is greatly reduced. Haitian Jinyi is 12% leased out.

With the decline in market demand after the rental season, many owners are willing to accept a larger counter-offer. Room A, Low Floor, Block 7A, Hai Tian Jin, Tseung Kwan O, with a saleable area of ​​about 568 square feet. The original intention is about 26,000 yuan for monthly rent. It will be released for one month. After the bargaining, it will be reduced by 3,000 yuan or 12%. It will be rented out at 23,000 yuan. The practical rent is about 40.5 yuan.

Haitian Jin

Hong Kong property manager Tan Yiming said that the site is separated by two bedrooms and two rooms, facing the inner garden. As for the tenant as a couple, because the unit is new, it is decided to rent it twice. If the owner purchase price of about 7.93 million yuan in August, the return rate is about 3.5%.

Xinducheng two rooms for rent $36

The recent market conditions of Xinducheng in the same district are similar. The company’s Yang Jinhe said that the housing estates in Phase 3, 4 high-rise, D-room, two-bedroom households, looking to open the scene, the practical area of ​​about 470 square feet, about 18,000 yuan for two months, eventually reduced to 17,000 yuan for families For rent, the lease is about 36.2 yuan.

As for the urban housing rental market, it is also under pressure. Li Jiage Hong Zhijie said that the second floor of Room 5, Phase 1 of Hung Hom Harbour Plaza, is divided into two rooms and enjoys garden view and less sea view. After the owner reduced the rent by $1,000, he rented it out at $25,000. The utility area was about 543 square meters and the rent was about $46. There are about 70 rents in the estate. The asking price for rent is about $20,000.

Sheng Yueju rents down to 18,000

The bank’s Zhou Jianqiao also pointed out that there are about 14 rents in Shengsa Residence in Cheung Sha Wan. The admission fee starts from 17,000 yuan. Recently, the two low-rise E-rooms and two-bedroom households have a usable area of ​​about 511 square meters. After the bargaining, they have been reduced by 6%. The monthly rent is 18,800 yuan, and the practical rent is about 36.8 yuan.