High land prices, low land sales potential

The high land price is difficult to find, and the analysis and the potential of the joint sale market are worth paying attention to.

Mr Kwong pointed out that the number of applications for strong shooting in 2016 was 11 and last year increased to 15 cases. As of the first half of this year, 14 cases have been recorded, which is almost equal to the figures for the whole year. He expects the number of cases to reach 30.

A number of factors have helped accelerate the joint sale. He pointed out that the most important factor is the apparent increase in land prices and the desire of the owners to jointly tender. He took the example of a recent old-fashioned case. “Agile bought a group of old flats at Long Yi Villa, Yiben Road, Kowloon Tong at a price of more than 26,000 yuan. If the second-hand transaction was made in the earlier stage of the building, the price was only about 12,000. Yuan, the purchase price is more than doubled, which will definitely increase the interest of the owners."