Huang Jinkang: West Kowloon will become a new core business district

Although the Kowloon Station luxury homes outperformed the market, the West Kowloon Royal Gold Peak, which is adjacent to the West Kowloon Station of the High Speed ​​Rail, has only risen by 30% in 7 years. It is clearly underperforming. “Following the trail." Huang Jinkang, who served as Vice Chairman of the United States and is currently engaged in corporate management consulting from 2008 to 2012, spent more than 17.5 million yuan at the end of 2011 to purchase two groups of C and D rooms in the lower level of Yujin•Guofeng, and has been living since he lived. In an interview, he said that the high-speed rail links the city with the highest “food index" in China. The surrounding area of ​​the West Kowloon Station of the high-speed railway will become the new core of Hong Kong. The price increase in the district can outperform the market and it is definitely possible to rise by 40 in the next two years. %.

Yujin•Guofeng rises in three years and falls behind

Huang Jinkang believes that the high-speed railways linking Hong Kong and the Mainland’s “food foraging index" cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai will open up a new artery for China-Hong Kong trade and capital flows. At present, it is only in the early days of operation and is expected to be operationally mature. After half a year to two years, it will bring real appreciation effect to the properties in Kowloon Station and West Kowloon.

In fact, the Hong Kong Government announced in March this year that a commercial site at the West Kowloon Terminus of the High Speed ​​Rail, which is expected to provide a gross floor area of ​​316 million, is scheduled to be launched this fiscal year. Although the project has not been finalized, it is the whole launch or “斩" The piece was launched in phases, but the industry has estimated that the site is a powerful place to win the 100 billion land, which means that the surrounding area of ​​West Kowloon Station will be built into a new business center.

Mr Wong said, “I dare to say that Central will be marginalized, but West Kowloon will definitely be the “South Gate" of Hong Kong’s core and Dawan District in the future. As long as the market conditions are stable, it is estimated that the price of Kowloon Station will rise 40% in the next two years. It is no exaggeration. Recently, the new land sales of Tianzhu surplus goods, the price increase range of 40 to 50%, each side sold to 70,000 yuan, you are aggressive, I think it is “price". As for Yu Jin • Guo Feng Home-based properties will also follow up."

The West Kowloon Station has a powerful cover to the 100 billion kings.

In fact, according to the online valuation of Hang Seng Bank (0011), Huang Jinkang holds two groups of Yujin•Guofeng units (a total of 1211 square meters of usable area). The latest valuation is 26.3 million yuan, which is higher than the purchase price of 7 years ago. 50%. In April of this year, the price of Yujin • Guofeng also began to “reverse”; the 1st floor of the housing estate with a practical area of ​​1575 square meters, even the platform and the Tiantai A room featured households changed hands in the form of equity transfer of the company, involving about 108 million yuan. Actually, the price was 6.8 million yuan. The relevant transaction price and price were both new highs. The original owner bought it in about 64.17 million yuan in 2013, earning about 43.83 million yuan or 68%.