Weihua reversed the market and broke the top price of 20,000

Although the second-hand property market has recorded a lot of price reductions in recent days, the price of some properties has been broken after the price reduction. Some of the fine units of Shatian Weihua Center have been sold at the latest price of 5.99 million yuan. Breaking 20,000 yuan to create a new high in the housing estate; market news said that the above two high-rise G rooms in the Weihua Center, the practical 297 square, the original owner originally called the price of 6.5 million yuan, and finally reduced the price to 5.99 million yuan sold, that is, 51 Ten thousand yuan or about 8%, but the actual price is still high at 20,168 yuan, and the record price of the estate is high. It is reported that the original owner purchased the unit for 1.42 million yuan in 2007, and the profit of holding the goods for 11 years was 4.57 million yuan, a profit of 3.2 times.

Cuihua fine unit sold 3.95 million 5 months most flat

Another Cuihua Garden in Shatong District, Shatin, a high-rise practical 215 square 呎 4-bedroom, practical 215 square 呎, the original owner originally called the price of 4.4 million yuan, the latest price reduction to 3.95 million yuan sold, a reduction of 450,000 yuan or 10 %, the most flat transaction price unit in the past 5 months, real 18,372 yuan; the original owner purchased the unit in 2009 for 910,000 yuan, holding a 9-year book profit of 3.04 million yuan or 3.3 times.

Top 10 housing estates on the 2nd weekend

However, in the large housing estates, there are only 4 transactions in the past two days, which is 1 or 20% less than the end of the previous week. There are 6 zero-selling estates, including Hong Kong Island Taikoo Shing and Kornhill Garden. Hung Hom Whampoa Garden, Tseung Kwan O New Town, Sha Tin City, Tung Chung Ying Wan Estate. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and head of the residential department of the Central Asia-Pacific region, said that after the Hong Kong bank increased interest rates, second-hand buyers will become cautious in entering the market, and the chief executive Lin Zhengyue will soon announce a new policy address, the property market will not add spicy or spicy, the market Take a wait-and-see attitude towards the market outlook. According to the statistics of the United States, the top ten housing estates recorded only 2 transactions in the past two days, down 33% on a weekly basis. Since the weekend of July 7 and 8, the number of units has been recorded for 14 consecutive weekends.