The price of Tuen Mun City Plaza fell by 10%

Hong Kong follows the US interest rate hike. The property market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. The second-hand market is sparse. It is located in the Tuen Mun District City Centre, the Tuen Mun Town Plaza, and the Tuen Mun Town Plaza, which has a total age of 26 years. Although only 4 transactions were recorded last month, it has become a past The year-on-year low, but this month, as of the 4th, two transactions have been recorded. The agent expects that the transaction volume of this month’s housing estates is expected to pick up as some owners’ prices are softer. Ming Pao reporter Zhang Yunting

The Tuen Mun Town Plaza consists of 8 buildings and is one of the landmark housing estates in Tuen Mun. According to the agency information, only 4 transactions were recorded in the estate last month, which was down by 50% from August. However, two transactions were recorded on the first 4 days of this month, with an average of 13,182 yuan, down from the high of $14818 in the middle of this year. About 10%.

This month’s trading accelerated. The first four days of two transactions

Cheung Yip Estate, an executive director of Cheung Yip Estate, said that the property market was not as strong as it was earlier. In addition, affected by the interest rate hike, owners of estates were willing to lower their asking prices, resulting in two transactions in just a few days. He said that there are about 40 rents in the housing estates and about 60 in the sale flats. The admission flats are one Central Flat H, with a saleable area of ​​342聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽The actual amount is 14,473 yuan (built in 10,855 yuan).

Tsui Wah is less than 4 million low market price of 7%

Property prices in the New Territories on the estate have continued to soften. According to market news, Room 5, Middle Floor, Block C, Tsui Wah Garden, Sha Tin, is a practical 215 square raft. It has recently changed hands with $3.95 million and realized $18,372. The price of similar units in the past month ranged from 4.2 million to 4.25 million yuan, with an average of more than 19,000 yuan. Compared with similar units sold in August, the new transaction price was about 7% lower. The original owner was purchased in 1983 for 176,400 yuan, holding 35 years of goods, and the book profit was over 3.77 million yuan or 21 times.

China United Office of 17.2 million into the city of Cui Chui

The market is full of negative factors, and it does not detract from the intention of the Liaison Office to enter the market in Hong Kong. According to the Land Registry, in September, the Liaison Office in the name of Xinmin Real Estate Co., Ltd., purchased 17.2 million yuan to purchase the D room on the 26th floor of Block 2, Xihuan Crest Garden. The practical area is 664 square meters, and the two rooms are separated by 25,904 yuan. The original owner bought in March of 3.382 million yuan, the book profit was 13.368 million yuan, and the property appreciated 3.5 times in 17 years.

Feng Emei 3018 million purchase Beverly Hills 3

In addition, the second floor of the second floor of Block K of Beverly Hills in Happy Valley changed hands at the beginning of last month. The unit was 1083 square feet with 3 bedrooms and workers’ suites. Together with one parking space for $31.8 million, the new buyer was Fung Yuen MeiAnita. Feng Xiaomei, former president of HSBC Hong Kong, has the same name and is expected to be the same person. According to the information, Feng paid a tax of 4.527 million yuan, which is 15% of the property price, that is, to pay double stamp duty (DSD) to enter the market.