Renovating the property market, first abandoning the high land price policy

Many people have told me that Hong Kong property prices will never fall. Do not speak to the government to crack down on the property market, even if property prices fall due to the deterioration of the economic environment. For example, the Sino-US strategic war, the government will have to rescue the city. Just as the government now provides emergency financing for SMEs, the only reason is that the Hong Kong government pursues a high land price policy. Otherwise, other taxes, such as sales tax, may be imposed, and even casinos may be allowed.

However, no one will learn Singapore and rent some of the country to the United States to be the seventh fleet base. As for the current three stamp duty tax, it will not only cause the property price to fall, but because the cost will increase and the property price will rise. Therefore, the property market It will not fall.

Concentrate on doing a good job in Baiju II Green Residence

They are not wrong. If the Government wants to rectify the property market, it must abandon the high land price policy. The public must know that the Government is determined to give up. The easiest way is to build more subsidized housing. But the Government must also understand the public demand. There must be a place to live, but many people want to have their own units. Therefore, even if the Government builds more subsidized housing, it only needs to concentrate on Bai Ju 2 and Green House. Bai Ju 2 can make eligible residents more It is easy to get on the train, and Green House can play the role of one stone and two birds. Not only can public housing residents get on the train, but eligible residents can go upstairs. When the government solves the housing problem, the demand in the private property market naturally decreases, causing property prices to fall. The high land price is no longer, the government’s income is reduced, but I believe that the current Hong Kong government is no more than the chief executive’s era. Now there is other income besides the high land price. This is a good time to give up the high land price policy, just as Mr. Jin Yong is in Like the martial arts secret “Kwai Flower Collection" mentioned in Jianghu, if you want to practice the magic, you must first go to the palace, and the housing policy is also Samples must be rectified in the property market, we must give up the high land price policy.

Inspired by the Sunflower Collection or from Jiangsu and Zhejiang recipes

A friend who has a mouth mark asks me, and the solution is called the Sunflower Collection. I am called the Orchid Collection and the Lotus Collection. Everyone must know that Mr. Jin Yong is a person from Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Hangzhou has a famous dish called Sunflower Food. The Sunflower Collection is actually a recipe. I guess Mr. Jin Yong borrowed it when he wrote “Swordsman". This famous dish has not only been lost, but also carried forward. Everyone has eaten ninety-nine, and there is no need to go to the palace. This famous dish is now called “lion head". There are many ways. If you don’t believe me, let’s ask the older Su and Zhe people. One of the three may know.