Serial Resignation Thousand Layers of Waves

The Brexit agreement triggered a rebound in British politics. The resignation of Dominic Raab, the Minister of Brexit, also slammed the Theresa May government. It is expected to continue to trigger a chain reaction, causing a number of high-rises to jump. Even the vote of Congress on the draft could not be carried out as scheduled.

1) Minister resigns in a row, shakes the confidence of the draft

Before the resignation of Lan Yuwen, it is reported that about 11 ministers have reserved the draft. Now even the people responsible for marketing and facilitating the draft have given up, which has caused others to lose the confidence they have.

2) Lost the European government in the first half of the year

Even though it was not through the crucial moment on the eve of the Brexit draft, the Minister of Brexit Affairs itself was an important member of the government. However, within two months, the two Brexit ministers, David Davis and Lan Yuwen, resigned and constituted the government of Wen Cuishan. critical hit.

3) The party is forced to force the palace to stop the situation

The resignation of Lan Yuwen highlights the internal division of the Wen Cuishan government. The latter is unable to lead the cabinet’s intentions, just to let the conservative party suspected of urging her to force the palace to be able to take advantage of it. And the threshold for distrust of the motion is not high, only 48 people need support, and now it is enough.

4) Draft of Brexit or postponed vote in parliament

The sudden resignation of Lan Yuwen has caused the deployment of the Cui Cuishan government to be in chaos, and Lan Yuwen is a major force in the direction of the Congress. However, the retreat has greatly affected the confidence of the Congress in the draft. The opportunity is greatly reduced. Today, the draft is strongly pushed, and the draft is undoubtedly abandoned. Wen Cuishan may have to choose to postpone the vote again.