Wheelock 2 billion acquisition of a basket of properties in the Yundi Building

The supply of luxury residential land on Hong Kong Island was rare. The developers actively acquired the old buildings. The consortium of the Yundi Building in Happy Valley purchased a basket of units and parking spaces for about RMB 2 billion. The maximum transaction price was as high as RMB 38,900. It is believed that the acquisition was for the development of multiple Mandarin luxury project (0020) or related person.

Up to 38,900 private individuals

The Land Registry showed that in the 55 years of age, a total of 67 residential units in the Happy Valley Building in Happy Valley, of which 55 units with 14 parking spaces, were acquired by the consortium for a total of about 2 billion yuan, a B with a saleable area of ​​1,454 sq ft. The unit was sold for RMB 57.572 million and the actual amount was RMB 38.99 million. It is the most expensive unit in the current batch of units.

The buyer is registered with CENTURYSUPREME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and the director is SIT KIEN PING PETER. Although there is no top level of Wheelock in the company registration, Xue Jianping has handled many property transactions on behalf of Wheelock, including The acquisition of Hang Seng Sai Wan Ho Building has led to the belief that the real buyer this time is also Wheelock or the relevant person. In 2009, the Yundi Building was awarded a plan by the Buildings Department. The project was approved to build a 40-storey residential building with a floor area of ​​140,000 square feet. In fact, the old buildings on Hong Kong Island have been acquired by developers. Among them, Hengdi (0012) was the most active. Last year, it totally reprimanded about 2.2 billion yuan in the acquisition of Western Mid-Levels, such as Harcourt Court 101, Robinson Road, in front of Skyway. Robinson Road 99 and 99A etc.