Tai Kok Tsui old building premium of 7.610 million

In February, there were sporadic land premiums. The largest of these was an old building on Tongzhou Street in Tai Kok Tsui, owned by members of the Roche Knitting Family, which was reprimanded at $76.1 million and planned to be redeveloped as a hotel.

The Roche family purchased an old building at No. 103-105 Tongzhou Street, Tai Kok Tsui in late 2013. In the previous year, the city council passed the hotel redevelopment project. The hotel will be built into a 24-storey hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor and 195 rooms will be provided. About 49,900 square feet, about 1,524 yuan per square foot.

In addition, the Tsz Shan Temple at No. 88, Pumen Road, Tai Po, also completed a land premium of RMB 75.96 million last month.