Tianmao’s inventory of 79.25 million Bagui nearly 30% three years ago

The surplus of luxury homes has also been accepted by buyers at high prices. SHKP (0016) was earlier than the one in Kowloon Station, which had been sold in 2009. According to the records of the transaction, yesterday’s latest sale of a handful of surplus goods (now known as Block 1 and District 1) was 82 units. The building has a practical area of ​​1,422 square meters and room D. The transaction price is 79,255,400 yuan and the actual amount is 55,735 yuan. It is worth noting that the above is the first case of Tianzhu’s first-hand transaction this year, and the price of the relevant unit has also increased by 28% compared with the price of the first time three years ago.

63 Pokfulam revisited 10 more teams yesterday

Another Nine Construction (0034) 63 Pokfulam of Sai Ying Pun at the end of last month had a price reduction of 6%. Yesterday, another 10 units of 258 to 318 sq. ft. of saleable area were sold. The transaction price ranged from 7.41 million to 9.47 million yuan, and it was cashed out to some 83.09 million days. Yuan, after the project was launched in July last year, the burden has so far increased to 166, accounting for 350 units or 47% of the total number of project units, with a total cash of more than 1.45 billion yuan. It can be noted that 139 of the projects were sold after recent price reductions, which accounted for 84% of the total number of units sold.

There are 20.36 million unique households in Manshan Mountain, with a total investment of 16,000.

Yang Jianyong, General Manager of Jiujian City Marketing and Sales, stated that 63Pokfulam revised its price list yesterday, including the payment plan, the discount rate was reduced from 15.75% to 12%, and the price increase in disguised form was 3.75%. Although the construction period payment maintained the original 5.75% Discounts, but the maximum rebate was reduced from 8% to 4%. He added that the group plans to increase the number of high-rise units in the city next week, and the units to be sold in the future will challenge the project’s new high price; the highest actual value of the project is 34,948 yuan.

In addition, Kerry (0683) Tuen Mun Mausoleum in Wat Kwun Tong, according to the records of the transaction records, there are 1279 square meters in the first floor of the famous court, and the special households in the Fang Qilian Garden have increased their prices by 14% compared with last February. RMB 203.575 million was sold, and the actual amount was RMB 15,917.