Yang Chaocheng 52.8 million into the city of Kowloon Bay Qiguang 3

Dong Kwu Commercial and Industrial Property has been sought after by investors in recent years. Mr. Gan Guangran, director of Midland Commercial Business, said that Emperor Group Chairman Yang Chengcheng’s younger brother, Yang Chaocheng, recently purchased Phase 3 of Hong Chiu Road Corporate Plaza in Kowloon Bay for 52.8 million yuan. On the 9th floor, rooms 07 to 08, the total area of ​​the property is approximately 4,400 sq ft, and the discounted price is approximately RMB 12,000.

The original owner had purchased it for 40.8 million yuan in 2013. He has held the goods for 5 years, and now he has book profits of 12 million yuan or 29%. The current monthly rent of the above flat is about 110,000 yuan and the rental return is about 2.5%.

The policy is to dismantle some Lijie commercial buildings with a maximum price of RMB 29,000.

In addition, Kaihua Group (0275) announced that its 6-floor parking lot on the 41st floor of Wantaili Plaza in Kwun Tong was sold for 196 million yuan. The area of ​​the property sold was 12,316 sq ft, and the price was RMB 15,914. The original owner was In 2015, it purchased 168.8 million yuan and held goods for 3 years. The profit on the book was 27.12 million yuan or 16%.

In addition, the capital strategy (0497) dismantled the commercial buildings Nos. 2 to 4 of Shelley Street, Central, and recently sold 4 teams, each with an area of ​​about 2327 to 2351 sq.ft., and the closing price was about 26,700 to 29,000 yuan. About 62.76 million to 68.18 million yuan.

Former chairman of the Milan station Yao Junda purchased 43.38 million

In terms of housing, the same celebrity has entered the market. According to market news, the former Chairman of Milan Station (1150), Yao Junda (small map), purchased Tsim Sha Tsui Mingzhu. He said that he purchased the high-ranking F room of the Mingzhu High-Tech Co., Ltd. in the form of company transfer, with a saleable area of ​​1,182 square feet and a transaction price of 43.38 million yuan. Really about 36,700 yuan. The previous site will be purchased with the upper floors of the 37,300,000 yuan unit, which is expected to create a multi-purpose home for investment purposes.