MOUNT NICHOLSON House No. 2 1.4 Billion Over 150,000 New Asian Kings

The price of a super-luxury mansion has reached new heights. MOUNT NICHOLSON, which is sold by Wing Cang (0004) and Nanfeng Cooperative Development and Wheelock (0020), has always been sought after by the rich and the Chinese and Hong Kong, and has recently sold a bungalow for nearly RMB 1.4 billion. The actual amount exceeds RMB 150,000, both of which set a new high for housing estates in Asia. The average price is 14% higher than the previous record.

Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

Wheelock announced yesterday that the MOUNT NICHOLSON 2 house, which was tendered earlier, was sold for RMB 1.399 billion. As seen in the building’s book, the house has 9217 square meters of usable area, 2294 square meters of gardens, 1866 square towers and 1675 square meters. Fang Fang Garden, real estate 151,785 yuan, the transaction price and the price of a high level of housing estates in Asia.

70% higher than the record of 7 years ago

After reviewing historical data, before the sale of the above-mentioned No. 2 houses, the highest-valued house in the whole territory was No. 10 Pula Road in the Peak, and the saleable area of ​​the houses was 5,989 sq.ft.. It was sold for RMB 800 million in 2011 and the actual amount was RMB 133,578. The record was eventually broken after 7 years. The new record was 14% higher than the old record. The most expensive house was the MOUNTNICHOLSON 3 house sold in October last year. The transaction price was 1.1638 billion yuan. The usable area is 9178 square meters and the actual amount is 126,813 yuan.

The project sells 44 gangs over 21.9 billion

According to the statistics, the first installment of MOUNT NICHOLSON has sold 12 bungalows since February 2016, totaling about RMB 9.6 billion. Currently, only 5 houses are available for sale. With the stratification of Phases 2 and 3, the entire project was launched more than two years ago, with a total of 44 sold, cashing more than 21.9 billion yuan, equivalent to an average transaction price of about 500 million yuan per partner. According to statistics, Mount Nicholasson’s hilltop site on the Niejeongsin Hill Road was purchased by Wharf and Nanfeng in 2010 for 10.4 billion yuan. The current cash outflow has more than doubled the purchase price of the land.

On the other hand, Wheelock’s Tseung Kwan O Lohas Parks MALIBU sold the 160th round of the third round today. Last night, the truncated tickets recorded more than 5,000 registrations, exceeding 30 times.

MALIBU sells more than 5,000 votes for 160 members

In fact, due to the hot sales of super-deluxe hotels, many developers have stepped up their deployment. For example, the first group holds a large house with an area of ​​18,270 sq.ft. and a residential area of ​​11,903 sq.ft. at 72 Repulse Bay Road, previously uploaded. Lou Shuyi, the company’s director and project director, said that the group will decide when to make sales arrangements based on market reactions. In addition, the Changshu (1113) 90 Repulse Bay project has also been deployed in the short term.

On the other hand, many large property owners sell flats at sky-high prices, such as a 4417 square-foot villa with a saleable area of ​​17 Bailujing on the top of the Chuang Shi Institution (0367), which is sold at a pre-set price of RMB 1.8 billion. 43 thousand yuan. Dachang (0088) 108 Repulse Bay Road has 8 house sites, which are sold for RMB 7.5 billion. The total floor area is over 40,000 square feet.