Retail price corrections Investors accelerate their entry into the market

In recent days, there has been a noticeable acceleration in the sale of shops, and people in the industry believe that due to the price correction of shops and the gradual decline in rents, they have begun to attract capital inflows.

Wong Kiu Ching Plaza a basket of 670 million baht

Fast-growing shops and the biggest buyer, the international brand Hermès officially released the next-basket bunker at Grand Place, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, including the 6th to 9th floors of the property, the basement, etc., with an area of ​​over 7,100 sq.m. Well, with 670 million yuan changed hands, the price was about 94,300 yuan. It is reported that the owner had released the market for 1.5 billion yuan two years ago. It was reported earlier that it sold for about 800 million yuan, and eventually sold 670 million yuan, and the price reduction was 55%. Hermès purchased the batch of shops for 190 million yuan in 2000. It held a profit of 480 million yuan in books for 18 years. It is understood that the buyers are foreign funds Chelsfield Asia.

Yang Fenbin has swept more than 20 stores in more than a month

As for the substantial increase in trading volume of the shop, it was more or less from investor Yang Fenbin, who had swept more than 20 shops for more than a month. The biggest hand was to purchase berths A and B on the ground floor of No. 13-19 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan, for a total of $142 million. With an area of ​​approximately 2,072 square feet, the original owner was Taixing Tea Restaurant. In recent days, it has been re-sweeping, including the purchase of Shop No. 7 on the ground floor of No. 15-19 Cheung Wong Road, Mong Kok. The retail space is approximately 690 square feet. It has spent nearly 26 million yuan, the price was 37,600 yuan, and another 72 million yuan was purchased at Kangle Road, Yuen Long. Shop No. 7, G/F, Yu Tak House, 13-17 and 21-25, with an area of ​​approximately 1,000 square feet.

The sales volume of the small code shop also increased. The ground floor of No.80 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, covers an area of ​​approximately 200 square feet. It was sold for approximately $11.3 million. The discounted price was approximately $56,500. The shop is now rented from the change shop at a monthly rent of $35,000. The return rate is about 3.7%. The original owner was Li Genxing, a business owner of Shenghui. He purchased it with 8.46 million yuan at the end of last year and reaped profits of about 2.84 million yuan.

For the recent increase in transactions in shops, Huang Hancheng, chief executive of Midea Industrial and Commercial Store, analyzed that the market funds are still abundant, looking for property for investment, and the prices of shops have been pulled back in the past two or three years, which is lower than that of commercial buildings. At the same time, the rent adjustment has been adjusted. A few years later, as retail sales figures bottomed out and the decline in rents also slowed down, they began to attract investors’ attention. He estimated that as the increase in interest rates has affected the investment in shops, the number of shops in the market has been steadily increasing in the short term.