Gefuling House 6 years of material erosion 2.8 million

Zhong Bing Real Estate Market Manager Chen Binglin revealed that the double-figure house at Dongfeng Chuangdong Road, Songjiang, Songjiang, has a saleable area of 1,315 square feet. It just changed hands at about RMB 15.28 million, and the price was RMB 11,620.

The original owner bought the unit for about RMB 17.27 million as early as 2012. He has held the goods for 6 years and has booked a loss of $1.99 million. If the company calculates the miscellaneous expenses such as the Indian printing fee (about $650,000) and the agency commission, it is estimated that the owner’s actual losses will be about 2.8 million yuan to leave.

In addition, Yao Junda, the founder of Milan Station (01150), purchased the middle floor of Room F in Tsimshatsui Mingzhu for RMB 43.38 million. The saleable area was 1,182 square feet and the price was RMB 36,701. The transaction was conducted with the transfer of equity of the company, which could save 30%. Yao Junda already holds the F room on the first floor of the building. It does not rule out the opening of the unit as a duplex and plans to collect the lease on a long-term basis.