Wing Tai Zhong Zhilin: benefit from the Bay Area

Cheng Yonglin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate (00369), said that Hong Kong is now located in the center of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau’s Grand Bay Development Zone, attracting more local talents to support local property prices, especially luxury properties.

Immigration back to the Mainland

Zhong Zhilin pointed out that many Hong Kong people who have already emigrated to Hong Kong have returned recently. Coupled with the support of mainland buyers, the luxury market is expected to rise. It also refers to the future development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau in the Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong is located in the center of the development zone. Naturally, it will attract more talents to enter and support local property prices, especially luxury real estate.

In recent years, luxury residential supply has gradually moved northwards. Shatin Jiudu has become a new supply area for luxury homes in recent years. The group’s headgun project has been rampant this year. Currently, it has been approved for approval and will be sold in tenders within the month of deployment. The project has a total of 40 tiered units, ranging in size from 1,597 to 2,214 square feet, and a further 29 bungalow units with an area ranging from 1,724 to 3,285 square feet. It is provided with three rooms, one to four rooms, two sets of space units.

Nine belly 沄瀚 deployment month tender

Zhong pointed out that the group spent a lot of hard work on design projects and plans to sell it on the existing floor so that buyers can clearly understand the design and quality of the project. The progress of sister projects in the same district is also satisfactory. It is expected to be available this year. At the end of the year, it will be launched as a building.

Hong Kong’s traditional luxury residential areas are the Peak and the Southern District. However, the supply of luxury homes has gradually shifted northwards. “When the Kowloon Station was built, no one thought that the average price of the Kowloon Station is more than 50,000 yuan today. “Comparisons between luxury homes”, which holds that Jiudu Mountain is a geographical advantage, is a rare mountain supply nowadays. With the increasingly mature development in the area, it has the opportunity to become the next luxury residential area in the United States.

As for the United States’ earlier rate hike, Zhong Shi pointed out that raising interest rates to reflect various economic data is good. At best, it will only slow down the pace of market entry. Plus, most markets have already digested the news of interest rate hikes. They have not directly affected the property market. Slow (property market) without dragging (property market).”

Although the external market has experienced volatility in the recent past, Bell’s reference to external fluctuations has even made the property market more prosperous. “It is always a brick.” The property market will not follow big ups and downs, and funds will flow into the property market to hedge.

With respect to land supply, Zhong Zhilin believes that the government should start with increasing public housing and reshape the home purchase ladder. The next step is to release the purchasing power of the secondary market. “Let the passengers get on the bus before the public housing, then transfer to the private market, and then change “Large”, restart the building chain.

In order to release the purchasing power of the second-hand market, Zhong believes that it is not necessarily a reduction in hot money. It means that the property market has still had its effect. Instead, the ceiling on mortgage insurance should be relaxed. If the 9-percent mortgage ceiling is relaxed to $5 million, more needs will be made. The person who boarded the car can buy their own property.