Causeway Bay Kyoto Plaza Fully sold 55.13 million

The entire floor of Kyoto Plaza, Ginza-style commercial building in Causeway Bay, is currently trading at an expected price of RMB20,100, involving an amount of RMB55.13 million.

Causeway Bay Ginza-style commercial building is a hot investment property. Xu Yongda, Senior Sales Director of the office division of Central Plains (Commercial and Commercial Stores) stated that the entire floor of 13th floor of Kyoto Plaza has an area of approximately 2,743 square feet and is now trading at an attractive price of approximately RMB20,100. The amount involved is approximately 5,513 Ten thousand yuan. The property will be sold in the form of a taxi. The current tenant is the consulate and the monthly rent is about RMB 96,000.

Kyoto Plaza is a famous Ginza-style commercial building in the area. It has a variety of uses and is conveniently located adjacent to the MTR station. After checking the records, last year the project had a high-level room A, with an area of 1,507 square feet, which was sold for $26.1 million and the price was RMB 17,319.

As for the leasing transaction, reference can be made to the entire middle and lower tiers, which covers an area of 2,743 square feet. They are leased at a cost of 39 yuan per unit and the rent is 110,000 yuan.