Public housing estate Tianping Village 4.61 million new high in the North District of New Territories

Private property prices have continued to rise, purchasing power has plunged into the relatively low-water public and home ownership market, and the cost of public housing and HOS flats has been stimulated to break the ceiling. A two-bedroom unit in Tianping Village, Sheung Shui, has collected 461 million yuan (filled). Land prices changed hands and the public sector in the North District of Innovation has a new high.

According to the Land Registry, there are 5 low-rise 5 rooms in Tianping Village, Sheung Shui. The saleable area is 489 square feet. It can be used as a two-bedroom space. It had earlier transferred $4.61 million to the free market and the price was about $9,427. The transaction price was in New Territories North. District’s most expensive public housing units. The original landlord purchased in 2013 with a green price of RMB 1.72 million (without land premium), and the deduction of the land price factor has increased by 1.7 times in five years.

Tai He Village 4.58 million Tai Po Public Housing is the most expensive

Secondly, Tai Po Village, Tai Po, a 14-story middle room, a practical area of 443 square feet, can be used as a two-room interval, also changed hands in the free market, the transaction price of 4.58 million (premium land), the price of 10,339 yuan, the cost of breaking the same The old record of 4.45 million yuan made in Fu Heng Village in January this year became the most expensive public housing unit in Tai Po District.