The investment climate was very strong. Lin Zifeng sold the office building on the 3rd floor of Hung Hom Ming Hsien with 1.16 billion yuan, and held goods for more than a year and made a profit of 270 million yuan.

Hung Hoi Commercial Building, 3rd Floor, Ming Hing Estate, Hung Hom, involving property on the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors. The total gross floor area is approximately 77,021 sq. ft., with a transaction volume of 1.16 billion yuan. The discounted price is approximately 15,000 yuan. . It is reported that the original owner was a senior investor, Lin Zifeng. He purchased the above-mentioned floor from Fuyuan Industry (00808) at the beginning of last year for 886 million yuan. Now with 1.16 billion yuan in stockpiling, holding goods for more than a year profited 270 million yuan, an appreciation of about 30%.