Parking price rose in volume, falling 2278 in the first quarter and 4.7%

In the first quarter, the purchase and sale price of pure parking spaces rose, and the number of registered seats fell by nearly 5% from the previous quarter. However, the increase in parking spaces resulted in an increase of 4% in total transaction value.

According to data from the Midland Real Estate Property and Research Center and the Comprehensive Land Registry, the number of registered parking spaces in the first quarter of this year was 2,278, which was a decrease of approximately 4.7% from 2,390 in the fourth quarter of last year.

The number of cases fell steadily for two quarters, and reached a new low of nearly 3 quarters. As the amount of the same period rose, it recorded about 3.816 billion yuan in the first quarter, which was approximately 4% higher than the approximately 3.69 billion yuan in the fourth quarter of last year.

Affected 500,000 off the market turnover

Liu Jiahui, chief analyst of Midland Properties, pointed out that the number of first-quarter cases fell, while the amount increased over the same period. This was due to the large-scale registration case of RMB 150 million recorded in the first quarter. The case was a basket case in the Guangzhou-Fengfengtai parking lot in the Western District. . At the same time, in the first quarter of the number of registered parking spaces, the larger the number of cases, the more stable the quarterly trend, and the reason why the first quarter’s performance was better than the number of cases.

The decrease in the number of pure parking spaces in the first quarter was mainly due to the 500,000 yuan or less cases. According to the amount, the number of registrations for pure parking spaces in the first quarter was only RMB 500,000 or less, a decrease of approximately 41.9% quarter-to-quarter, and a decrease of approximately 5.6% over 500,000 to RMB 1 million, recording 535 cases. Over 1 million to 1.5 million yuan only slightly decreased by about 1.3%, recording 553 cases.

Over 1.5 million yuan was relatively stable with only a slight decrease of about 0.5% with 1,097 recorded.

For the first quarter of this year, the registered number of pure parking spaces was divided by project. Among the 162 cases, the highest number was registered in Sai Kung, and the second was Pokfulam Bay, Tsuen Wan; there was 74 registrations in the Bay Area, another project in Tsuen Wan. With 65 registrations, Sham Tseng Hong Garden was followed by 62 cases.