North Point K. Wah International Centre Appropriate rent collection

With the completion of many large-scale projects in North Point, the development potential in the area is enormous. Among them, the K. Wah International Centre is a Grade A commercial building in the area, plus most of the units enjoy sea views and can be used for private use and rental.

Located in Java Road, North Point, K. Wah International Centre is a rare Grade A commercial building. It was completed in 1991 and is about 27 years old. The property is a 30-storey building with about 12 units on each floor. The area extends from more than a thousand square feet. There are also many business owners who choose to open multiple units into one large unit.

About 12 private jetties per floor

There is an electronic display in the lobby to provide information on the property business and other relevant information. You can also check the shuttle bus service between the building and the North Point MTR station. If you choose to walk to the North Point or Quarry Bay MTR station, only It takes about 10 minutes and it is quite convenient. There are 6 passenger lifts in the lobby, which are distinguished by different floors to help divert people.

There is a coffee shop on the ground floor for the convenience of traders to buy daily beverages. Walk to the North Point with more people’s livelihood shops and restaurants, convenient daily consumption. The 2nd to 4th floors are the parking lot of the building. The building also has its own pier. It is the only commercial building with private docks in Hong Kong.

The majority of the building industry is dominated by engineering industries, of which the Ka Wah Group owns buildings from the 28th to the 30th floors of its own properties and the ground floor also houses the exhibition halls of its properties. The Consumer Council and the Lands Department also have offices in the buildings. Households are quite diverse.

Most units enjoy Harbour View

Since the property is located at the beach, most of the units enjoy a Victoria Harbour view and the frontier is the Eastern Corridor, so they can enjoy unobstructed views of the sea. On the other hand, the units on the other side can also enjoy views of the North Point city. The landscape is good.

The property is dominated by long-term business households, and there are multiple layers for the K. Wah Group for personal use. Therefore, it is not much. There are no sales transactions so far this year. Currently, there are about 3 trading lots. The price is from approximately RMB 16,000 to RMB 18,000. Wait. Rental transactions were more active. About 3 transactions were recorded this year and the average lease rate was approximately 29 yuan.

With reference to the Hong Kong Transportation Tower, which is also the same district in the same district, the latest record of a high-level unit changed hands in October last year, covering an area of ​​14,446 square feet, with a turnover of approximately 216 million yuan, and the price was approximately 14,965 yuan. On the rental front, a high-rise unit of 12,532 sq. ft. was rented for a monthly rent of 410,000 yuan, and the lease was approximately 33 yuan.