One Hennessy Commercial Building

Cai Hongxing, executive director and chief executive officer of Huasheng Group, said that One Hennessy, a group of Wanchai commercial buildings under the Group, has a good rental situation. Although many Chinese-funded institutions are interested in purchasing, the Group is worried that it will not be sold and is intended to be sold. Long-term rent collection.

The occupancy rate is 80%

He said that the demand for commercial buildings is strong. One Hennessy is the redevelopment project of Wanchai Commercial Building under Huaying. It was launched earlier and has a good response. The temporary occupancy rate has reached 80% and the average rent is about 100 yuan. Among them, there are two major tenants, including the shared space operator (Kr Space) in the Mainland, and the pre-rental building has a total of 7 floors. In addition, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has also rented a number of high-rise floors to expand into a new headquarters.

In recent years, Chinese capital has actively purchased commercial buildings in Hong Kong. For example, Hengli Investment has previously spent 15 billion yuan to purchase two office buildings in the third and fourth blocks of Taikoo Shing Center. The commercial building at No. 18, Jinghua Road, North Point of Henderson Land (00012) is also close to 100. 100 million yuan sold to the consortium of China Science and Technology Capital and Taiping Trust.

Cai Hongxing pointed out that although One Hennessy has also received a lot of Chinese buyers, the group intends to use it for long-term rent collection. “Although some people have asked, we have indicated that they will not sell, so there is no intention price."