Gold Coast re-lease 27,000 admission

Xinzhao (00083) Tuen Mun Gold Coast Residence will be further rented by 12 to 14 people for 3 bedrooms. The unit has a usable area of 854 to 1,069 square feet. The monthly rent is about 27,000 yuan. The average effective area is about 32 yuan.

The project had previously invested 50 million yuan to renovate the 21st residential building, and 72 of them had been fully rented, with an average rent of about 32 yuan. Li Xiaodan, deputy general manager of the rental department of the Gold Coast rental office, said that it will re-launch the 19th and 20th units, about 12 to 14 people, and will continue to renovate the property in the future.

In addition, the developer invested 3 million yuan to promote summer shopping for gold shopping malls and hotels. Hong Kong Gold Coast general manager Robert Kaiwai said that the hotel will launch a summer event, the occupancy rate will reach 90%, the booking rate will increase by more than 10% compared with last year, and the turnover is expected to increase by 6% to 8%.