Yonglong family, 99 million yuan, buy the old building of Dakeng Road

The value of the old buildings in the urban area was rebuilt. The Wing Lung Wu family purchased 4 groups of No. 58 Tai Hang Road, East Mid-Levels for a total of 90 million yuan, involving about 60% of the ownership. It is expected that after the reunification in the future, the development will be rebuilt.

According to the Land Registry, four transactions were recorded in the old building at 58 Tai Hang Road, Eastern Mid-Levels, including the basement and the ground floor to the second floor. The transaction price ranged from $20.25 million to $27.25 million, involving a total of $99 million. Jukang Co., Ltd., the registered directors are Wong Sang-soo and Wu Shangdun, the descendants of the Wing family of Wing Lung Bank.

The property has a 6-storey building with a building age of 61 years. The remaining three floors have not yet been acquired. It is estimated that the consortium currently holds about 60% of the property and is expected to rebuild into a commercial and residential project with a floor area of approximately 15,000 square feet.