Shu Qi dismissed 127 million to buy yoo 18 BONHAM

Property prices continue to climb, many celebrities took the opportunity to buy a property to protect the value, the latest including the famous female movie star Shu Qi, to buy a penthouse of yoo 18 BONHAM in the Western Mid-Levels for 127 million yuan, the price of 51,000 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the yoo 18 BONHAM high-rise duplex unit in the Mid-Levels West has a usable area of ​​2,499 square feet, which is a 4 bedroom interval. It has a parking space and is sold for about 127 million yuan. Registered buyer Lin Lihui (LIN LI-HUI) It is the original name of the famous female movie star Shu Qi, estimated to be self-occupied. Shu Qi entered the market in his own name. It is known that he has held a property in his name. Therefore, he is required to pay a double stamp duty (DSD) of 15% of the property price, involving an amount of about 19.12 million yuan.

Duplex 4 room with parking space for more than 50,000

However, some real estate agents revealed that Shu Qi purchased the single house of Cuihua Road in Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa in the name of Lin Lihui in 2011. The utility area is about 1,606 square feet, which is a 4 bedroom interval with a cost of 18.3 million yuan. The house has been used for rent collection and the current monthly rent is about 40,000 yuan. It is reported that Shu Qi recently put the house on the market, the current asking price is 17.38 million yuan, which is lower than the purchase price of 920,000 yuan. If you change hands at the above prices, and even other miscellaneous expenses, it is estimated that you need to lose about 1.9 million yuan to leave the market.

It is worth noting that if Shu Qi successfully sold out a house in the Beverly Hills villa for half a year, he could get a 10.75% tax on the property price, which is about 13.7 million yuan, even if the eclipse still has a count.

Other celebrities entering the market include Ma Rongzu, a musician in the music world. He bought a compound unit at No. 56, Repulse Bay Road for $200 million, covering an area of ​​3,341 square feet and a price of 59,800 yuan. Also, artist Hu Xing’s husband, Li Zide (Philip), bought the Taihu Juhao Tianxia Double House for $28.28 million, with an area of ​​2,447 square feet and a price of 11,557 yuan.