The mid-level panoramic sea view is on sale. The price is about 59,000.

There are few listings in the Far East Financial Center, and there are few high-quality units for sale. The mid-level sea view units are now on sale, with an intentional price of about 59,000 yuan.

Both households have 2,703 呎 intentions of 320 million

Midland Industrial and Commercial Store Luo Zhongying said that it was entrusted by the owner to sell two units on the 15th floor of the Far East Financial Center, which are rooms 02 and 03, each with an area of ​​2,703 square feet. The owners intend to sell them together, with an intention price of about 320 million yuan. About 59,000 yuan, the unit is now used by the owner. He pointed out that the biggest selling point of the unit for sale is to enjoy the full sea view. It is also the only high-quality unit in the project.

In terms of rent, the rent of the building was also at a new high. In May this year, the property was on the full floor of the 33rd floor. The transaction price was as high as 115 yuan, which was a new high for the building. In March, the property had Room 2305 with an area of ​​approximately 1,378 square feet and a lease of approximately RMB 90.

In the same area, commercial and commercial buildings, recently, the 2nd floor of the 2nd floor of Haifu Center, with an area of ​​about 930 square feet, was sold for about 28.83 million yuan, and the price was about 31,000 yuan. In addition, investor Liao Weilin took out RMB 09.10 million from Room 09, 11th Floor, Libao Center, with an area of ​​about 1,324 square feet, a price of about 39,000 yuan, and a profit of $12 million for three months.