Xindi Village, the new price of 12 billion has always been up to 2500 yuan per foot price can provide an average of 2,500 yuan

The new land (00016) has completed a premium of $ 12 billion for the Sai Kung Township Project in Sai Kung. It is expected to be the largest premium in Hong Kong, with an average of about $ 2,500 per sq ft, which will add about 4.8 million square feet of development floor to provide about 4,700 flats.

The market is rare more than 10 billion yuan of land premium, Xisha fourteen township project is the new site to prepare for more than 20 years of large-scale development projects, located in the east of Wu Xi Sha Xisha Road area, covering 800,000 square feet, has been with the government to discuss Land price unsuccessful.

According to the planning permission granted by the Town Planning Board in 2013, it is shown that the developer will have to develop this year. Otherwise, the license will be invalidated.

Can be built 4.8 million feet in phases development

New land yesterday announced the results, referring to the Group on the four rural areas to change the number of rural land for land use premium. The new floor chairman and managing director, Guo Binglian, said that the total gross floor area of ​​the project is nearly 4.8 million square feet. It is located in a beautiful suburb, separated from the city center and public transport network.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Huang Zhaorong said that the four townships project background complex, involving a large number of civil engineering, such as the construction of the road, mountain stone, long development period, and the Government after a long time to reach an agreement, the project development time is expected to be about 8 year.

He calculated that the Government had always had the mechanism to calculate the amount of land premium.

According to sources, the project is divided into several different periods of land premium, land premium of about 2,000 to 3,000 yuan per foot, estimated an average of about 2,500 yuan per foot premium, the entire project of about 4.8 million square feet of floor, the amount of land premium Up to 12 billion yuan.

A large amount of infrastructure investment is estimated at over 35 billion

(01113) and the MTR (00066) cooperation in the large Wai car factory cover project (now the city), the total price of more than 11.735 billion yuan, a single private developers to fill land premium projects (00012) on the Ma On Shan down Wo Sha (now Yinghai) land premium of 9.6 billion.

The average price per square foot of the project is $ 2,500, and the premium is much lower than that of CITIC Pacific. In the next year, the project will be made at the price of about $ 6,502 on the floor. However, the surveyor explained that the land position was self- The cost of the project will be deducted from the amount of land premium, together with the cost of construction, the total investment of the project or 35 billion to 40 billion yuan, is expected to sell the future Foot price up to 14,000 to 15,000 yuan.

According to the project plans approved at the beginning of this year, the project will build 46 6 to 25 storey high-rise residential buildings and 30 houses, with a total floor of about 4.8 million square feet and will provide about 4,700 Within the scope of the planned construction of a large golf course and recreational facilities, it is estimated that this is not within the scope of land premium.