10 big house half of the temporary turnover of 67 into 4%

According to the second-hand atmosphere slightly improved, the first half of September 10 big house trading record 67 cases, compared with the same period last month by 4 percent, 3 housing estates, including Mobil Village and other transactions doubled. Property prices also benefit from the first city of Sha Tin 3 households 10.38 million yuan to sell, a new high level.

Newspaper statistics of 10 major housing market performance, as of September 14 record of 67 transactions, compared with the same period in August recorded 47 cases, more than 20 cases, an increase of 43%. Second-hand trading turned around, mainly benefited from the new disk sales ideal, driven second-hand market atmosphere.

Among them, there were three housing lots, which were doubled in the same period, including Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Shatin City and Ap Lei Chau South Horizons. To Mobil Village, the performance is relatively prominent, this month recorded 12 transactions, has exceeded the month in August 9 months. The latest transaction, including Geely diameter 8, high-rise B room, the practical area of ​​509 square feet, the transaction price of 6.6 million yuan, the average price of 12,967 yuan per square foot. In addition, the largest number of sale of the estate for the Tin Shui Wai Jiahu Villa, recorded 17 cases, more than the same period last month 3 percent.

Although the trading volume has been reversed, it is still low that the latest trading volume is still low compared to the 243 flats in September last year. There are 3 real estate prices in three estates rising month by month. The average monthly price of Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom is 16,419 yuan, which is 16% higher than that of the same period. The main record is due to the latest record of 1 high 2 middle D room, the practical area of ​​966 square feet, is a 3-room suite, the sea view is a high-quality households, to 18.6 million yuan to sell, the price of 19,255 yuan per square foot.

One city breakdown of the first break 10 million

In addition, the first city of Sha Tin, the first floor of the property price break 10 million yuan. Centaline real estate business manager Guan Yuyu pointed out that the housing area 5 middle D room, the practical area of ​​853 square feet, is a 3-room suite interval, Wang River King, the transaction price of 10.38 million yuan, a new house property prices, Price of 12,169 yuan. The original owner in 1994 to 3.88 million yuan into the market, resale profit of 6.5 million yuan, 1.7 times the appreciation.

Benefited from the new disk to the corner of the people, Tsuen Wan Discovery Park this month has recorded six transactions, compared with 2 cases in August, surged twice.